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Bars and Distilleries

On this page, you’ll find profiles of bars of all types. They may be a restaurant or hotel bar, the local dive on the corner, or perhaps the fancy joint you aren’t quite sure they’ll let you into. Mixed drinks are the specialty, whether they come with a $2 or $20 price tag and feature well spirits or gold flakes and hand-chiseled ice.

I’m transitioning to doing profiles of the bars themselves rather than individual drinks, as many bars have a shifting specialty list. But you’ll see that most of the archive is of individual cocktail reviews, as that’s how I did things in the early days of the Gourmez. Want a fuller take on the venue? Click through multiple reviews from the same place.

This page also holds info on distilleries that you can visit. Why group them together with bars? Because both have plenty of spirit within. 😉

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