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28 May, 2010

LA Kiwi @ W XYZ Lounge (Chapel Hill)

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LA Kiwi
W XYZ Lounge, Aloft Hotel
Chapel Hill

Since this was my first time at the W XYZ Lounge, I thought I’d share a little about the atmosphere of the spot before diving into my cocktail review. The W XYZ Lounge is the main floor of the new Aloft hotel in the East Highway 54 development. By main floor, I mean it is essentially the whole entry floor of the hotel; even the registration desk seems part of the lounge’s design. I was surprised that there were a few different groups of hotel guests and other patrons stopping for a drink already; the property is pretty new. Décor is upscale modern with high-backed couches, a pool table, and a mesmerizing light show on television screens that I’m still not sure didn’t hypnotize me. The bar itself has a fun, LED light counter that constantly changes colors from blue to green and back again. There’s also an appealing patio area with a giant cube of light around the side of the hotel.

Back to the drinks. My first drink was the LA Kiwi, which is very similar to a caipirinha but with the addition of muddled kiwi.

The cachaça taste came through nicely, and the lime was surprisingly strong, by which I mean it was at the right level. A lot of places pull back on strong lime in a drink, because a lot of our palates aren’t used to it. W XYZ’s bartender did well with it. The kiwi pulp and juice made for a pretty drink, though I think I might have liked a little more kiwi flavor, ultimately.

3 stars

3 stars

I’ve also got pictures of my friend’s drinks, with their brief thoughts on them.

The NY Spritzer, a white wine cocktail, was found to be very tasty but not very special

And the Watermelon Martini tasted just like its Jolly Rancher cousin. My friend thought it light, refreshing, and not too sweet.

I’ll be posting the review of my second drink at the W XYZ Lounge next week.

Reviewed 5.21.10.

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