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9 July, 2010

Pama-Mama Margarita @ Buffalo Wings and Rings (Morrisville)

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Pama-Mama Margarita
Buffalo Wings and Rings
Grace Park, Morrisville

Honestly, this drink didn’t taste much different from the Cherry-aid I had before it, though this was a margarita and the Cherry-aid was a vodka cocktail. The only difference was that the Pama-Mama Margarita was a lot less sour, as whatever citrus was used in the margarita mix was consumed by the super sweet, almost syrupy presence of Pama pomegranate liquor. I think it’s a liquor that ought to be a lot less sweetened than it is, but I could say that of a good number of liquors and flavored vodkas on the market. I’d be very interested in what this drink might taste like with maybe half as much of the Pama in it.

There were two tequilas in this margarita, Patron Silver and Patron Citron, but I could only taste the silver, and only on the aftertaste. For me, this was much less of a margarita and more of a punch.

1 star

1 star

Reviewed 7.1.10.

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