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Liqueurs are meant to be used as mixers in cocktails or as a sipper on their own in small quantities. They are usually sweet and syrupy – thus the small quantities — and they tend to have a lower alcohol by volume (ABV) percentage than spirits, with 30% as the upper range, though some liqueurs definitely climb higher! Cordials? Schnapps? Yeah, those are liqueurs, and there are likely as many common names for them as there are types of them. Some are definitely less sweet and more herbal or medicinal, but they all have their place in the world of alcohol consumption.

Eventually, I will add categories to this page to help you find the liqueur you seek more rapidly. But honestly? There aren’t so many that I feel bad for making you scroll! If the name of a liqueur is not in the title, then rest assured, you will find mention of one in the post itself – it just won’t be the primary subject of that particular blog.