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28 January, 2011

Winter Fruit Dreams

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Winter Fruit Dreams

2.5 shots of Trader Joe’s Pear Cider
1.5 shots of Bacardi Select Puerto Rican Rum
0.5 shot of St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur
0.25 shot of Joaquin’s Banana Liqueur

Shake all the ingredients up with crushed ice then strain into a martini glass.

On first sip, there’s too much banana, until I figure out that’s just the St. Germain amplifying the banana’s floral notes. Honestly, I think I made a good drink with this one! The elderflower is just enough to be alluring and suppress the bite of the rum. The banana layer is very creamy, and the pear, with its cider spices, is enough to stand up to and even enrich the rum’s bold flavor. This will be made again!

Created 1.16.11.

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