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31 January, 2011

Tres Generaciones Plata

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Tres Generaciones Plata
100% Agave

There are many, many inviting flavors in this tequila. You really ought to sip it on its own at least once. It could do well in a traditional margarita (only lime and triple sec), but I wouldn’t use it in any cocktail more complex than that. You don’t want to mask its layers.

Those layers are vanilla, aloe, Meyer lemon, peppery heat from the alcohol, fleeting caramel, clove, corn with a mild sweetness, and a buttery texture. Or at least, those were the layers for me! I may have to sip some more to make sure I got them right.

Other Bloggers’ thoughts:

Cocktail Enthusiast

Tres Generaciones Plata Tequila is a colorless spirit with a strong nose of agave and white pepper. It is smooth and light on the palate with clean flavors of citrus, creamy vanilla and sweet floral notes. There’s a very mild peppery spice, but overall it’s remarkably smooth. The finish is moderate in length, with some lingering white pepper and agave . . . It lacks the flavor range of some other unaged tequilas, but overall it’s a very solid effort.

Dowd’s Tasting Notes

A pleasantly buttery, peppery nose immediately made me realize this was a tequila to be savored. The more it is inhaled, the more the faint nuances of banana, jalapeño and tequila nectar emerge . . . a silken mouthfeel, a full-bodied expression with lush middle notes, and a long, slow finish that gives rise to the desire to quickly take the whole trip again

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