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Rating System

A few things to note about my food and drink reviews:

1. Reviewing is innately subjective. My taste buds are not your taste buds and that’s okay. Heck, one human’s notes of leather are another’s notes of tobacco — this is precisely why I include other bloggers’ thoughts with my wine reviews. For food and cocktails, we all have different ideas of the right amount of salt or alcohol bite in a dish or drink.

2. My ratings skew toward the higher end of the scale. This is solely because I pay for most of my meals and drinks, and I’m generally not going to waste my money somewhere or on something that doesn’t look like it will promise a tasty meal or at least a satisfactory beverage. I have no qualms giving low ratings — if it’s not that great, in my opinion, I’ll say so — but because I discriminate before I go out, those low ratings are not common.

3. When I’m comped for a meal, drink, entry ticket, et cetera, I note it in the blog post with an obligatory disclaimer. Both because it’d be illegal not to and because I believe it’s important to know when my opinions may be skewed by compensation, no matter how small.

Below is my strangely derived rating scale for restaurants, wines, and cocktails. It is based solely on my taste buds’ opinions so I know what I’m talking about even if no one else does. From worst to best:


rating_mushroom1Mushroom: Squishy, drab, and usually a fungus. Stay away if at all possible.


rating_olive1Olive: It may come in many colors and flavors, but there’s always a bitter pit at the core.


rating_chicken11Chicken: The art of neutrality. It tastes like everything and everything tastes like it.


rating_avocado1Avocado: So good, without overwhelming its peers. Pure, simple, delightful.


rating_truffle1Dark Chocolate Truffle: Luscious, tantalizing, a masterpiece of its genre.



I’m always open to suggestions on places to go, wines to drink, or cocktails to sip.


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  • September 29, 2015 at 6:20 am

    I’ve never heard of the Indaba wines before, but I love South African wines, even though I don’t drink enough of them. It looks like the Mosaic is only about $10, which sounds like a really good quality price ratio. Thanks for sharing!

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