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Coffee Houses

What’s a blogger without her free wireless and caffeine? Hopeless, that’s what. Everyone who works from home knows that escape to a friendly cafe is sometimes a mental health necessity. Here are my coffee shop reviews by city, intended to help the in-need blogger find such paradises. Thus, they often note wireless availability, suitability for laptop working, and most importantly, the quality of the coffee. A double cappuccino is usually my standard cuppa, and it’s often the measure by which I judge the drinks.

Of course, if there’s food avilable, I’m likely reviewing that as well. A blogger must eat even when working hard! Tea houses also make their appearances here.

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Coffee Shops in Albany – CA

Coffee Shops in Berkeley – CA

Coffee Shops in Castro Valley – CA

Coffee Shops in Chapel Hill – NC

Coffee Shops in Durham – NC

Coffee Shops in Hayward – CA

Coffee Shops in Oakland – CA

Coffee Shops in Raleigh – NC

Coffee Shops in San Bruno – CA

Coffee Shops in San Francisco – CA

Coffee Shops in Yakima – WA

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