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20 November, 2015

Take a Virtual Tour of Oakland’s the Hive in time for Firebrand’s Grand Opening!

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The-Hive-046A few weeks ago, I promised you a more intensive–dare I say sneakier?–sneak peek into Oakland’s the Hive development. Over at Localwise, I wrote a quick article summarizing all the retail businesses onsite, but I took a lot more pictures than the published ones, and they’re sure to entice you in.  And what better time is there to share them with you than the day before Firebrand Artisan Bread’s grand opening? Yes, you read that right! Firebrand is finally opening at 2343 Broadway on 11/21!

I can’t make it opening day, but you can bet I’ll be there soon to check out what’s likely to become one of my favorite places for lunch or afternoon delights — only the kind you can get in public, I promise. But can you blame me for thinking carnally? Quality is evident to the eye in every pastry. I seriously OD’d on simply looking at the feast Firebrand laid out for us on that press tour, and I went home with so many samples that were instantly gobbled up and exclaimed over by friends. If Colleen Orlando’s enthusiasm is any indication, and it should be as she’s the co-partner with a penchant for pastry, we will all be thrilled with their sweet treats, breads, and sandwiches.

I’m still thinking of how good the banana pudding cream puffs were.

What else is going on at the Hive? In addition to hosting the offices for Inner City Advisors, Balfour Beatty Construction, Signature Development (which funded the project), Zarsion America, Stice & Block law firm, and Flynn Architecture (which designed it), the Hive is also home base for Impact Hub —

Lisa Chacon, co-founder, co-director, & COO

Lisa Chacon, co-founder, co-director, & COO

— a co-working space and gallery “at the intersection of art, technology and enterprise”; and Numi Tea —

Samples flowing of Numi's tea.

Samples flowing of Numi’s tea.

— a fair-trade tea company that’s risen to the top of the tea field since their 1999 founding in Oakland.  Try the Golden Tonic from their new tumeric tea line for a lively, invigorating tea experience. There’s more? Mason at the Hive is the name of the Hive’s apartments — 104 of them spread throughout the complex. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a tour of those, but if you rent one, call me? And of course, there are the rest of those retail spaces. Here are photosets from each of these new businesses — only one left to open now! — and a little more description from me as to what sets them apart. Truve, the fitness gym that doubles as an art gallery. It was truly beautiful inside these walls, and Alison Roessler’s commitment to sustainability in designing the space and to sustaining the community by offering free classes shows that she has a beautiful soul as well.

Red Bay Coffee, the profit-sharing coffee shop for raising workers up. Keba Konte, the man behind this coffee industry model, is full of love for engendering progress against social woes by educating our way into a better cup of joe. I loved the smart logo design as well and can’t wait to frequent their counter when it opens.

People’s Barber & Shop, the barber shop that brings antique etiquette — and chairs! — into the modern day. Managing partner James Lizotte was full of smiles and a genuine love of his craft as we spoke with him.

Drake’s  Dealership, the beer garden with serious style. Not only is the actual beer garden huge and full of open-air seating, the inside called to me more with its warm brick and art-covered walls. If this place, which opened in August, isn’t always packed on weekends, I’d be flabbergasted. 

Calavera, the upscale Mexican restaurant that ships in crickets but makes tortillas from the kernel up. Chris Pastena, one of the restaurant’s partners and a well-known Oakland restaurateur, filled us in on all of the interior decor details and the Oaxacan influences. 

I’ve since been back to Calavera for drinks, and that salt air margarita is truly impressive.

Trying Calavera’s signature Salt Air cocktail and chapulines (crickets!) to celebrate 6 yrs of @eastbaydish ! A photo posted by Becca Gomez Farrell (@thegourmez) on Oct 19, 2015 at 5:57pm PDT

Yes, those are the crickets on the right, but I didn’t have enough to form an opinion on them. Oh noes, I have to go back for more…

Needless to say, I am fully on board with this new Oakland gathering place. I’ll be buzzing by the Hive often.

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