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24 November, 2015

New Localwise Post: A North Oakland Burger Locator

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My next Localwise blog post is up! On the menu this time? Different types of burgers to be found in the North Oakland area. Your teaser:

North Oakland has as many different types of hamburgers as there are cravings for them. Any burger lover knows an upscale restaurant’s offering is a different creature than what can be found at a shack or the local pub. But different doesn’t necessarily mean better. Each sandwich out there fulfills a specific niche of burger desire. Purists may insist that quality of meat is the only relevant factor, but I believe every ingredient of a burger contributes to overall satisfaction.

And of course, the real teaser:

The Nirvana Burger from Ben & Nick's Pub.

The Nirvana Burger from Ben & Nick’s Pub.

To read the post, head on over to Localwise!

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