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14 September, 2010

Spiced Blackberry Jam @ My Place

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Spiced Blackberry Jam
1/4 shot green Chartreuse
1 1/2 shot St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur
2 shots citrus vodka
1/2 shot lime juice
2 shots blackberry juice
A few champagne grapes

Shake everything together but the grapes. Place a few grapes in each cocktail glass, then pour the cocktail on top. Of course, using blackberries would make a lot more sense, but I didn’t have them, and the champagne grapes worked very well.

This drink has a gorgeous purple-brown color, like a cloudy amethyst. Using Trader Joe’s blackberry juice gave it some nice texture and was the main contributor to the cloudiness. It’s fun to drink—a smidge more blackberry and St. Germain’s would give it the little bit of extra pizzazz it needs. The lime goes well with the blackberry—I thought I used too little lime at first, but as I drink it, I think it’s just about right. Of course, if you add a bit more blackberry like I suggested, then bump up the lime a tad, too.

3 stars

3 stars

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