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11 March, 2011

Domaine de Canton Liqueur

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Domaine de Canton Liqueur

What you need to know, first off, is that I’m prejudiced against yellow liqueurs (I’m looking at you, Galliano). Luckily for Domaine de Canton, it’s very light yellow, so I wasn’t grasping my pitchfork yet. What you also need to know is that my mouth was still very full of Catdaddy Moonshine when I tasted this. Consider that a disclaimer as to my palate’s sanctity.

Now for the tasting. Ginger, ginger, nothing but sugared ginger. The taste is strongly sugary when it first hits your tongue then spicy ginger kicks in for the rest of the sip. It must be a fantastic choice for mixing. On its own, I’m less intrigued, but I’m not ginger’s biggest fan.

Reviewed 3.3.11.

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