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19 December, 2009

Margarita @ Torero’s (Durham) — Cocktail Review

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15-501 and Garrett Road, Durham

Torero’s house margarita comes in four sizes: regular, macho, grande, and gigante.  This is a regular size glass:

Believe me, the gigante glass was terrifying to behold.

Torero’s makes their own margarita mix and on first sip, it was sweet, and I feared too much so. Subsequent sips quickly allayed my fears as the sour citrus juices came to the forefront. By the time I was done with the glass, I was praying for more sweetness to balance them out.  The drink had plenty of tequila but I’d recommend opting for a top shelf brand over the well offering to counter the mix better. 

It was drinkable for me, but not a margarita that made me thirst for more.

1 star

1 star

Reviewed 12.15.09.

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