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4 October, 2010

TLC Martini @ the Wild Turkey Lounge

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The TLC Martini
Wild Turkey Lounge at the Angus Barn
$8.25 (I think)

The Wild Turkey Lounge is the upstairs bar at the Angus Barn. It used to be the cigar lounge, but I imagine it’s actually doing much better business without the cigar smoking. It’s definitely got that barn feeling, and with a huge array of wild turkey figurines, it’s plenty full of whimsy. I liked the atmosphere of the place and their comfy, leather chairs and many appealing nooks and crannies, even if the other standard barn decorations can be trite.

But on to my drink! I tried their TLC martini, a new name for a standard cocktail offering of vodka, Chambord, Grand Marnier, and cranberry juice. It was a good drink—a vodka with some personality might have made it more intriguing. The raspberry came through most strongly, making me think I’d want more Cointreau to counter it, but I’m not sure that’d have been the best fix. The cranberry wasn’t strong, which is good, but the drink just didn’t stand out in general. Great ingredients, lack of imagination.

2 stars

Reviewed 9.10.10.

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