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19 December, 2013

Food Writing Bragging: A Food Tour Through the South’s Tastiest Town at WRAL

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Imagine my shock when I realized I never posted here on this article I wrote for WRAL’s Out and About back in May! I do try to make sure you all know when I have new writing out for your perusing eyes, but this one slipped through my fingers. It’s surprising because it’s actually one of my most popular food articles thus far. In it, I cover several of Durham’s tastiest spots that all happen to be within a few blocks of each other.

Here’s your teaser:

Durham, N.C. — For foodies, the intersection of Magnum and Parrish streets in downtown Durham is a Bermuda Triangle they may never want to escape. Within one block of it, in any direction, is a plethora of eateries, bakeries, and bars that prize local ingredients, quality products, and creativity. Consider this your guide to a perfect food lover’s day in Durham without doing more than crossing the street.

Stop 1: Breakfast at Monuts Donuts (110 East Parrish St.). This donut and bagel shop used to operate out of a tricycle. Cake and yeast donuts come in flavors like chocolate chai and the delicious maple bacon bourbon I sampled. Bagels are also a hot commodity and can be topped with eggs, cheese, and … maple sriracha? Counter Culture iced coffee should help with that morning headache….

For the rest of the article, head to Out and About right here. And now, I leave you with a photo from my walking tour to give your tastebuds that extra little push:

Pain aux pistaches from Loaf.

If reading is too much for you, take my walking tour through photos here instead! No matter your choice, tasty treats are in your future.

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