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28 July, 2011

The Floridita at Cuban Revolution

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The Floridita
Cuban Revolution
American Tobacco District, Durham

This cocktail, an alluring deep brown, was made with Bacardi Select dark rum, sweet vermouth, lime juice, and crème de cacao. If you’re thinking that’s an odd mix of ingredients, you’re right! But it’s a combination that works pretty well. The rum absolutely dominates the drink, and since I love dark rum, that’s a-okay with me. Eventually, the lime proclaims itself and manages to tie the rum to the backsplash of crème de cacao that comes in toward the end of the sip. They make for an interesting, if not entirely successful, threesome. The vermouth didn’t have much of a presence beyond a very subtle mellowing presence. Points for originality with this drink!

Reviewed 7.25.11.

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