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17 December, 2014

Frosty’s Chocolate Orange Martini

Frosty’s Chocolate Orange Martini
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Last week, I stumbled across this old familiar Christmas friend at the Trader Joe’s checkout line. And it reminded me that I’d made a prize-winning cocktail inspired by the chocolate orange just two holiday seasons ago. That was me enjoying the spoils of my victory. Frankly, I’m sure anyone could have won with this as
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14 November, 2012


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RumChata Wisconsin 13.5% ABV RumChata is a liqueur coming from the Agave Loco brand, and you can bet I squealed when I saw it on the shelf. Why? Because I love horchata, and an horchata made for imbibing sounded perfect to me. My expert background in foodie Spanish means I can translate their horchata con
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28 July, 2011

The Floridita at Cuban Revolution

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The Floridita Cuban Revolution American Tobacco District, Durham This cocktail, an alluring deep brown, was made with Bacardi Select dark rum, sweet vermouth, lime juice, and crème de cacao. If you’re thinking that’s an odd mix of ingredients, you’re right! But it’s a combination that works pretty well. The rum absolutely dominates the drink, and
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17 June, 2011

Mole-Mole (bu·ku, Raleigh)

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Mole-Mole bu·ku, Downtown Raleigh This thick cocktail should be listed as a dessert. With both chocolate vodka and crème de cacao in the ingredient list, it’s awfully close to drinking a Mexican hot chocolate in cold cocktail form. The Navan, which is a vanilla cognac as I just learned, is very subtle in the mixture.
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3 September, 2010

Banana Split @ Beyu Caffe

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Banana Split Beyu Caffe, Durham Website $8 This creamy cocktail is made from Stoli vodka, crème de banane, creme de cacao, and cream. The consistency of the drink wasn’t pretty, but it’s the nature of drinks mixed with cream to quickly divide up based on thicknesses of the fluids. The alcohol flavor was pretty strong.
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