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8 October, 2010

Cosmopolitan @ the Angus Barn’s Wild Turkey Lounge

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Wild Turkey Loft at the Angus Barn

The Cosmopolitan is my favorite drink, for its high level of alcohol that comes with cranberry and citrus splashes to help it go down. There are many varieties of the drink, mainly tweaks on the amount of cranberry used and types of citrus juice, vodka, and orange liqueur involved. The Wild Turkey Loft opts for Stoli, Cointreau, a splash of cranberry, and a lemon twist.

You can tell from the color of the drink how little cranberry was added, which was great, in my opinion. Cosmos shouldn’t be fruity drinks; they should be martinis with a couple flavorful visitors. I’m a fan of Stoli, so I liked the vodka’s flavor, and Cointreau is by far the best option for orange liqueur. However, I much prefer lime to lemon for the tangy citrus element, so this cosmo didn’t quite do it for me in that department.

Still, it was pretty fabulous, so I was happy with it in more ways than one.

3 stars

Reviewed 9.10.10.

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