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6 October, 2010

Alamos Torrontes 2009

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Alamos Torrontes 2009
Catana, Argentina

This is the perfect white wine for me. It’s very tart with plentiful grapefruit and acidity at first, but that gets bathed and soothed with a vegetal greenness: leek? celery? Vanilla pops in with a slight tang of eucalyptus to help wash things down.

4 stars

Other Bloggers’ Thoughts


The nose is beautifully perfumed, with roses and lychee. In the mouth, the fruits show in both a citrus and tropical way, very fresh, light-bodied; this wine is all about the fruit and floral characters of the grape behind it—very nice.

Dinitro’s Take

The 2009 vintage of Alamos’ Torrontes is one of the wines to consider having to make life just a little more perfect.  I tasted this the other night on my neighbor’s deck to top off a long day and found this wine to be absolutely charming and delicious. . . The 2009 version I had threw aromas of flowers at my nose and followed with a medium crisp and slightly dry taste that led to a battle with my friend as to who was the getting the next glass.  We both tasted citrus, melon, and peach among other flavors in this wine.

Reviewed 9.4.10.

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