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20 August, 2010

White Satin @ Bahama Breeze

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White Satin
Bahama Breeze, Raleigh

This drink started out very, very well. It’s a delicious combination of coconut rum, Cointreau, coconut milk, and just a hint of ginger. Served in a large martini glass, the first half of the drink was a heavenly blend of those elements, with the orange and ginger flavors highlighting the lusciousness of coconut, though a little more Cointreau would have been nice.

However, after that halfway point, the sugar in this drink became too much to handle. It was still tasty, but felt like forcing yourself to eat one of those thick coconut candies when you know you’ve had too much all ready. It made me wonder if they used coconut cream rather than milk, which makes a huge difference in sweetness levels. I finished it, but it was a struggle.

2 stars

Reviewed 8.15.10.

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