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24 August, 2010

Caiprosca @ Bahama Breeze

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Bahama Breeze, Raleigh

A caipirosca is the Russian version (read: vodka) of a caipirinha, a Brazilian cocktail made with cachaça, lime, and sugar. Bahama Breeze takes the change in base liquors a step further by subbing in mango vodka. The sugar is replaced by a mango puree, but the lime stays the same.

Honestly, with all that mango, I didn’t expect this to taste like a caipirinha at all, but it did! I’m still amazed at how much it reminded me of one. The mango flavors and lime were great together, and it wasn’t  super sweet like so many cocktails served in chain restaurants-that’s why I’m always impressed to find a nicely mixed drink in one, and the caipirosca definitely qualifies. I will likely be reproducing this one at home.

3 stars

Reviewed 8.15.10.

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