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12 July, 2009

Cocktail Review–Little Red Corvette, Jujube, Chapel Hill

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Little Red Corvette
Jujube, Chapel Hill

The Little Red Corvette is made with agave syrup, tequila, and hibiscus nectar.  It was served in a double old-fashioned glass.  The drink was a beautiful carmine pink at bottom, with the shade getting lighter the higher up it went.

Hibiscus is a great choice for a tequila cocktail.  It has a strong punch that cuts through the equally strong agave syrup and tequila very well.  This is a drink with flavors that demand your attention.

Final Verdict?  A tad too sweet for it to be a masterpiece but it’s close.

3 stars

3 stars


Reviewed 6.30.09.

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