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17 June, 2010

Southern Tea @ Blu Seafood and Bar (Durham)

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Southern Tea
Blu Seafood and Bar
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Sorry, no pictures of this one. I really need to stop ordering iced tea cocktails as I’ve yet to be impressed by one, other than ye olde Long Island Iced Tea of course. I’m impressed by Firefly sweet tea vodka, mind you, but it’s better as a shot than as part of a cocktail thus far in my experience.

This iced tea cocktail bucks the trend and doesn’t use Firefly, which is probably why it caught my eye. It uses Southern Comfort, vodka (citron, maybe?), tea, and peach bitters, but I’m not sure I got that ingredient list exactly right. It tastes like Arizona’s peach iced tea, though less sweet. It’s a good beverage to accompany a meal, but it doesn’t taste particularly like an alcoholic one at all, which generally makes me think I’d be better served ordering an iced tea and saving a few bucks. Yet it did leave me feeling its effects, so I think it packs more of a punch than it seems like it does.

2 stars

2 stars

Reviewed 6.10.10.

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