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18 August, 2009

Restaurant and Cocktail Review–Papa Mojo’s Roadhouse, Brunch

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Papa Mojo’s Roadhouse
5410-Y Highway 55
Greenwood Commons
Brunch:  $7-$13.

Papa Mojo’s is a lively restaurant full of good Cajun cooking, live music during Sunday brunch and most evenings, and a bar with a nice drink list.  They do not shy away from a New Orleans vibe but rather embrace it fully with Mardi Gras décor mixing it up with their wooden tables and benches, faux fireplace, and broken mirrors.

I’d been here before for dinner but Papa Mojo’s has since revamped the menu and added Sunday brunch.

Having recently discovered beignets at Rue Cler, I definitely wanted to try another restaurant’s offering of these treats.

These ones were moderately sweet with a dusting of powdered sugar.  One was enough for me.  I also started the meal with a New Orleans Milk Punch, which was essentially bourbon served with a lot of milk.

The sugar and nutmeg rim were key to the drink, adding just enough flavor to liven up the milk.  If this drink were served at half the size, I’d have been quite happy with it.

My main course was a crawfish and tasso omelettes with Creole home fries.

The home fries were really, really good with lots of chili powder, paprika and salt.  The wedges and strips of potatoes had a great crunchy exterior and were tossed with green onions.  The omelette was fluffy and the crawfish cooked well but the creamy tasso sauce was too bland and needed more chunks of pork.

I really love the atmosphere of Papa Mojo’s and have felt very welcomed by the staff both times I’ve been there.  The food is sometimes excellent, sometimes adequate so give it a try, especially if you’re in the mood for some music with your gumbo.

3 stars

3 stars

Reviewed 8.9.09.


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