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2 September, 2011

Root Beer Flip at Foundation

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Root Beer Flip
Downtown Raleigh
I shy away from cocktails that have soda as a main ingredient—I prefer less dilution and more thoughtful ingredient combinations than soda-based drinks usually reflect. The root beer flip at Foundation, however, is an absolutely delicious cocktail that I don’t regret breaking that rule for at all. The flip in the name means that this drink follows a style first established in the 17th century that included beer, rum, and sugar served hot. Over time that combination morphed into today’s idea of a flip, which can cover anything that uses a spirit, egg, and sugar. Foundation’s root beer flip includes root beer, egg yolk, brown sugar syrup, and Cruzan Rum. And it’s delicious.

Root Beer Flip

The egg makes this cocktail taste every bit as rich and creamy as a root beer float, though you don’t taste any egg flavor at all. If you’re a fan of floats, there’s no reason you wouldn’t like this drink, and who’s not a fan of root beer floats? It’s just the right size, too, so you don’t miss the ice cream until after you’ve finished the drink.

Rum, root beer, brown sugar all shaken up with a frothy, smooth egg? Give it a try. You won’t be sorry, you’ll just be smiling.

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