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5 August, 2011

Corn ‘N Oil at Geer St. Garden

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Corn ‘N Oil
Geer St. Garden
Central Park District, Durham

This unique cocktail was recommended to me by the lovely @nutellaisevil after she tried Geer St. Garden for the first time on the same day that I was about to do the same. It’s a simple mix of blackstrap rum, falernum syrup, and fresh lime juice.

I’m still questioning where the corn part of that name comes in, but I’m sure the oil is a play on blackstrap rum being made from molasses, thus producing a very thick spirit. This was my first experience with falernum, which is a Caribbean syrup that often has flavors of almond, lime, ginger, and clove. Combining the two made for a strong, sweet liquid with enough lime to enliven it. I might have liked more falernum to bring out those spicy flavors more strongly, but honestly, I quite enjoyed the cocktail as it was. The most integral ingredient for this drink, however, was the ice. It shocks me to say it because I usually think a glass full of ice ends up watering down the drink, but I think it diluted this mixture to an enjoyable consistency.

Definitely worth a try for rum lovers!

Reviewed 7.30.11.


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