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14 March, 2012

Epicurio 2008 Primitivo Di Manduria Vendemmia

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Epicurio 2008 Primitivo Di Manduria Vendemmia Apulia, Italy The nose of this wine made from a relative of the zinfandel grape is full of rich milk chocolate truffle with a hint of raspberry. The smell makes me rather excited to drink it, I must say, as truffles with raspberry are my favorite ratings, after all.
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10 June, 2010

Darien Tempranillo 2008 Riojo

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Darien Tempranillo 2008 Riojo Logrono, Spain This Spanish red rises to the roof of my mouth right away. There’s some pucker for sure, too much for me. I taste orange, currant, and leafy bitter greens. I don’t like drinking it; it’s not full enough or balanced enough for me. No nose to speak of.

7 April, 2010

Vida Organica Torrontes 2008—Wine Review

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Vida Organica Torrontes 2008 Mendoza, Argentina This organic, white wine smells floral, with a hint of lime and vanilla. The taste is also very floral, which I enjoy in a white wine a lot. A fleeting sweetness greats you along with that strong, floral scent, and lime and grapefruit always chime in. The sweetness quickly
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24 March, 2010

Black Opal Cabernet Sauvignon 2008—Wine Review

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Black Opal Cabernet Sauvignon 2008 Southeastern Australia Nose: Plum and spice—most notably, paprika. The spice definitely comes to the forefront when tasting, but it’s much more peppery, though the paprika is still there. For fruit, there’s raspberry and prune, with some of the dense molasses-type of sugar that comes with that dried plum, but not
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15 March, 2010

Sundance Sauvignon Blanc 2008

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Sundance Sauvignon Blanc 2008 Maule Valley, Chile This white smells very sweet, with orange and vanilla notes. The taste does a complete 180 from the nose. It’s very acidic, has a lot of stoniness, and no suggestion of that smelled sweetness at all. That’s usually fine with me-I prefer a drier white-but this one fails
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3 March, 2010

Buitenverwachting Rhine Riesling 2008—Wine Review

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Buitenverwachting Rhine Riesling 2008 South Africa Even after much swishing, the nose is elusive. Some grass, some lime, maybe. I thought it was bubbly at first, which definitely confused me, but it’s just so bright of a wine that it seems bubbly.  The lime from the nose is there with mellow grapefruit and mint. It’s
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16 February, 2010

Villa Sonia Pinot Grigio Piave 2008–Wine Review

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Wine: Villa Sonia Pinot Grigio Piave 2008 Region: Trevino, Italy The Villa Sonia Pinot Grigio Piave 2008 has very little color, which fits as it also has very little body.  There was no smell I could discern. The tanginess hits you first, followed by a very light melon flavor, perhaps casaba. As the tanginess comes
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29 January, 2010

Chateau Julian Bordeaux Sec 2008–Wine Review

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Wine: Chateau Julian Bordeaux Sec 2008 Region: Gironde, France I can’t help but feel like a wine with lots of stamps and small print, as this label has, means that I’m supposed to really like it. I am, right? But I suppose I’m supposed to think that of all wines. Regardless, all the appellations intimidate
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