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24 March, 2010

Black Opal Cabernet Sauvignon 2008—Wine Review

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Black Opal Cabernet Sauvignon 2008
Southeastern Australia

Nose: Plum and spice—most notably, paprika.

The spice definitely comes to the forefront when tasting, but it’s much more peppery, though the paprika is still there. For fruit, there’s raspberry and prune, with some of the dense molasses-type of sugar that comes with that dried plum, but not enough to be obnoxious. It’s medium-bodied and pretty good.

2 stars

2 stars

Other Bloggers’ Thoughts:

Tom and Melody’s Wine Blog

Tom purchased this Australian fruit bomb at our local grocery store. It’s what I would say is your somewhat typical Australian Cabernet: super fruity, soft tannins and delicious. I like it! What keeps this wine from being something I swoon over is its lack of complexity and depth. But, this is more than adequate for any occasion and I would never turn it down, that is for sure. Absolutely no complaints!

Wine Skinny

Simple but easy-drinking cherry and berry flavors, laced with toast, vanilla and light spice notes. A good match for spicy BBQ. Ready to drink now.


Good Value Cab, Mate.

Sure, it’s cheap. Sure it looks thin.  And it’s from Down Under.  But it’s pretty darned good for the price.  There’s decent fruit in there, with some decent complexity [for the price.]  We had the same experience with their Shiraz.  Not the best wine we’ve ever had, but it does the trick in between bottles of more expensive wines (and those special times right before paydays!)  : )

Grade:  B+ (skewed by low price, and kangaroos – they’re SO cool.)

Reviewed 3.16.10


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