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17 March, 2015

Bandit Wines Cabernet Sauvignon

Bandit Wines Cabernet Sauvignon
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Bandit Wines Cabernet Sauvignon California Bandit Wines is a boxed wine company that you can find on Safeway’s lowest shelf. I haven’t had much boxed wine in my life. But when I tap into the foodie party line, I hear from craft enthusiasts that beer in a can has no metallic aftertaste and that boxed
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7 April, 2010

Vida Organica Torrontes 2008—Wine Review

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Vida Organica Torrontes 2008 Mendoza, Argentina This organic, white wine smells floral, with a hint of lime and vanilla. The taste is also very floral, which I enjoy in a white wine a lot. A fleeting sweetness greats you along with that strong, floral scent, and lime and grapefruit always chime in. The sweetness quickly
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