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7 April, 2010

Vida Organica Torrontes 2008—Wine Review

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Vida Organica Torrontes 2008
Mendoza, Argentina

This organic, white wine smells floral, with a hint of lime and vanilla. The taste is also very floral, which I enjoy in a white wine a lot. A fleeting sweetness greats you along with that strong, floral scent, and lime and grapefruit always chime in. The sweetness quickly gives way to a drier body, much to my delight. It ends quite tartly, with some pine needle notes. Why yes, I do know what pine needles taste like, and they contribute well to the end product here.

I tried this wine at a tasting at my local wine shop, and I loved it then so I bought a couple of bottles. Now, with time for a more relaxed examination, I find I still love it.

4 stars

4 stars

Other Bloggers’ Thoughts:

Bon Gourmet Blog

How often can you say, good wine, organic and great value all in the same sentence? Not often that I have experienced. This wine can finally make that happen. Lush tropical fruit with a refreshing finish and long notes of white flowers. Could definitely drink this all day.

No Mixed Drinks

I can’t say I found it to be nearly as complex as the review I just read tells me it was; some grapefruit, some banana, a little sweet. Pointy, not sparkly.

Enotheque on the 2006 vintage

The wine is a pale straw hue with an intense nose of roses, honeysuckle, jasmine, citrus, tropical fruit and spice. Racy citrus acidity surprisingly balances out (at this price range) the sweetness of tropical fruit. The finish is an encore of fragrant rose, honeysuckle, citrus and spice in your breath.

Reviewed 3.28.10.

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