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14 March, 2012

Epicurio 2008 Primitivo Di Manduria Vendemmia

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Epicurio 2008 Primitivo Di Manduria Vendemmia
Apulia, Italy

The nose of this wine made from a relative of the zinfandel grape is full of rich milk chocolate truffle with a hint of raspberry. The smell makes me rather excited to drink it, I must say, as truffles with raspberry are my favorite ratings, after all.

The taste does not disappoint after the nose’s build up. Dried lavender and sneaky spice are layered in between the raspberry notes. It’s medium-bodied and medium dry. There is hardly any chocolate in the taste of it, but I think what’s there does contribute smoothness.

This wine is easily drinkable, smooth, pleasant, and lovely.

Other Bloggers’ Thoughts:

Back to Bacchus

The Primitivo is very drinkable but not as layered or complex as the Aglianico. The Primitivo is more fruit forward, with more residual sugar . . . I like the long finish.  It is certainly a bargain at $4.99, but I find it a bit one-dimensional. I would not call it rustic but it is rather simple, easy, and fruity.


It was a pretty big dark rustic red wine and a bit sweet. It seemed over the top at first, but after sitting for a few days on my desk, it actually seemed to really mellow out and tasted pretty darn good. I would recommend it along with a decanter and hearty meal.

Just JoeP

While the Primitivo started off with plum and subtle black berry notes that did not overwhelm on Tuesday, by Thursday it had transformed into a smooth, buttery (not caramely, but a buttery feeling on the tongue) delicious 2 glasses. I highly recommend it.

Reviewed 19 Feb 12.

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