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21 June, 2011

Bolla Soave DOC 2009

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Bolla Soave DOC 2009 Veneto, Italy This is my first experience with wines from the Soave region of Italy.  Plenty of smells rise from the glass: lemon, peach, and vanilla. The peach is prominent when drinking the wine, and it lends a great flavor overall. It’s a buttery white but not nearly as much so
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1 December, 2010

Zestos Blancos 2009

Zestos Blancos 2009
Posted in : Malvar, White Wine on by : The Gourmez

Zestos Blancos 2009 Madrid, Spain There is some limestone at first, followed with green apple notes galore. It’s dry but also pretty sweet. It’s a lot like a tart cider, really. I’d call it an okay, solid white that doesn’t have any character beyond quenching thirst. 100% Malvar, if you’re keeping track of the grape.
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17 November, 2010

2 Copas White 2009

2 Copas White 2009
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2 Copas White 2009 Mendoza, Argentina This smells of flowers and oranges: it would make a great, subtle perfume. It tastes very floral also, with a bit of pine that adds more depth from the outdoors. There’s lemon but not in the off-putting, dish soap way (thank god I haven’t had one of those in
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6 October, 2010

Alamos Torrontes 2009

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Alamos Torrontes 2009 Catana, Argentina This is the perfect white wine for me. It’s very tart with plentiful grapefruit and acidity at first, but that gets bathed and soothed with a vegetal greenness: leek? celery? Vanilla pops in with a slight tang of eucalyptus to help wash things down.

27 May, 2010

Blue Fin Chardonnay 2008

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Blue Fin Chardonnay 2008 Napa, California This wine is bland on first sip, but then a note of eucalyptus chimes in. It’s just a fleeting note, though, so bland still wins the day for me. It might be a stretch, but I think I taste pineapple and light brown sugar. It’s quite sweet for a
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