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6 February, 2013

Seigneurs de Bergerac 2011 Bergerac Sec

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Seigneurs de Bergerac 2011 Bergerac Sec
Dordogne Valley, France


This wine was part of a value pack from my wine shop up the street. It’s pale yellow. The nose is a well-blended mix of flowers and minerals. Mildly sweet, and tannins play against that sweetness for a nicely balanced body. The lime is perhaps too tart, but it reminds me of the coconut-lime bread pudding I had this evening, and that was delicious. I could see it going well with similar desserts or something with a ginger punch.

The Bergerac Sec is harmless with character from the lime and custard notes. You could swill much worse.


Other Bloggers’ Thoughts:

Wine is Life on the 2006 vintage

A light patio pounder. Citrus and pears on the nose. Light taste of the same fruits on the palate with a little spice. Not much of a full flavor. Very light leaning toward the dry side. Not sure I would purchase this again. Not very impressive.

Tammy’s Tastings on the 2005 vintage

It’s one of my favorite wines for keeping around the house — it’s a little bit fruity and just a tiny bit off-dry and goes with every food I’ve ever tried to serve it with.

Feed Me/Drink Me on the 2005 vintage

This white Bergerac hailing from the Dordogne Valley was more robust than a Pinot Grigio but not as sweet as a Riesling. With white grape early and a citrusy tang at the end, this crisp drinker was exactly right for a pre-dinner drink.

Reviewed 20 Dec 12. 

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