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8 August, 2012

Protocolo 2011 White Wine

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Protocolo 2011 White Wine Castilla, Spain This white wine blend is very light in coloring. It smells like honeysuckle and citrus with afterthoughts of vanilla and cedar. The wine is thin to medium bodied. Plenty of butter coats the mouth. Other than that buttery quality, there is honeydew and perhaps honeysuckle—I’ve never eaten it, so
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13 June, 2011

Tisdale Pinot Noir (vintage free, yo!)

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Tisdale Pinot Noir (vintage free, yo!) Modesto, CA This wine looks thin, watery, dark brown, and plum. It smells of bitter chocolate and currants. As expected, it tastes very thin and watery. Fleeting cocoa powder comes first followed by the currant and overripe figs with some apricot notes. Then the cocoa powder rushes back in
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22 March, 2010

Martellozzo Prosecco—Wine Review

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Martellozzo Prosecco Veneto, Italy First of all, this was like no other sparkling wine I’ve tried before-I had to pull it out, not pop it off. With a corkscrew. I’m still confused as to how I couldn’t pop it or knife it out. I don’t think it’s a prosecco thing; I’ve had prosecco before. Perhaps
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