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29 August, 2012

La Ronescina Pinot Grigio

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La Ronescina Pinot Grigio Collio, Italy This white wine smells mildly of cantaloupe, but no other scents jump out at me.  That’s probably because it’s extra chilled, which dulls the aroma — my bad. It tastes dry at first, but a sweetness swells up in the middle of the glass. The notes are vanilla with
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1 November, 2010

Dynamite Vineyards 2007 North Coast Chardonnay

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Dynamite Vineyards 2007 North Coast Chardonnay Sonoma, CA This chardonnay is light-bodied. The nose is of hard caramel candy with extra vanilla mixed in. The fruit hits you first on sipping: starfruit and apple. Then a bit of cream kicks in like a low-calorie, french vanilla ice cream, just enough to guide the fruit home
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5 May, 2010

Fuerza Blancos 2009

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Fuerza Blancos 2009 Mendoza, Argentina For the record, I’m drinking this white wine blend very chilled, which can lessen the potency of the nose and flavors of the wine.  I smell apple and vanilla.  It tastes of apple also. It’s acidic, which makes it seem peppery. Caramel notes are present and some herbal quality, perhaps
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