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5 May, 2010

Fuerza Blancos 2009

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Fuerza Blancos 2009
Mendoza, Argentina

For the record, I’m drinking this white wine blend very chilled, which can lessen the potency of the nose and flavors of the wine.  I smell apple and vanilla.  It tastes of apple also. It’s acidic, which makes it seem peppery. Caramel notes are present and some herbal quality, perhaps oregano. There’s a white chocolate aftertaste with some floral undertones.

I enjoy all of the differing layers to it, but none of them stand out so I won’t be rushing out for more.

2 stars

2 stars

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Viva la Wino! on the 2007 Vintage

Pears, with slightly green aromas. This wine has good acidity and body, but a short finish. It’s pretty good for $4. Not complex, but certainly not that bad.

Reviewed 4.26.10.


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