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17 December, 2014

Frosty’s Chocolate Orange Martini

Frosty’s Chocolate Orange Martini
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Last week, I stumbled across this old familiar Christmas friend at the Trader Joe’s checkout line. And it reminded me that I’d made a prize-winning cocktail inspired by the chocolate orange just two holiday seasons ago. That was me enjoying the spoils of my victory. Frankly, I’m sure anyone could have won with this as
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17 December, 2012

Nonfiction Bragging: My Winning Cocktail, the Frosty’s Chocolate Orange Martini at the Washington Duke Inn

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Frosty’s Chocolate Orange Martini at the Washington Duke Inn For the month of December, you can order a cocktail of my very own creation at the Washington Duke Inn’s Fairview Dining Room and Bull Durham Bar. I won first place in their Blog Nog cocktail competition for my riff on a Terry’s chocolate orange. It’s
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13 January, 2012

Espresso Martini at Broad Street

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Espresso Martini Watts Grocery Review/Website Watts Hillandale, Durham $7 The espresso martini is hiding on Watt’s dessert menu. Combine a shot of Joe Van Gogh’s espresso, Stoli Vanil vodka, Chambord liqueur, and a splash of Bailey’s Irish crème liqueur, and you have a unique coffee cocktail that still manages to hit all the elements I
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7 February, 2011

Qahweh @ Sitti

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Qahweh Sitti, Downtown Raleigh Website $9 The Qahweh is a coffee cocktail made with espresso, Stoli Vanil, Bailey’s Irish cream, simple syrup, and a thimbleful of espresso beans. It is served frothy with a few ice chips in the mix, which I always enjoy. The Irish cream is by far the strongest taste, and that’s
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