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11 March, 2013

The Boy’s Club at the Borough

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The Boy’s Club The Borough Downtown Raleigh $7.50 This cocktail is a Kahlua, Bailey’s Irish cream, and Frangelico trio shaken up with chocolate and iced Counter Culture coffee. If you’re thinking dessert, you’re thinking correctly, as most coffee cocktails fall under that category. The drink is indisputably gorgeous with that chocolate pattern laced into the
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7 February, 2011

Qahweh @ Sitti

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Qahweh Sitti, Downtown Raleigh Website $9 The Qahweh is a coffee cocktail made with espresso, Stoli Vanil, Bailey’s Irish cream, simple syrup, and a thimbleful of espresso beans. It is served frothy with a few ice chips in the mix, which I always enjoy. The Irish cream is by far the strongest taste, and that’s
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8 September, 2010

Yorkshire Hathaway @ Beyu Caffe

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Yorkshire Hathaway Beyu Caffe, Durham Website $6.50 This hot coffee drink came with butterscotch, coffee liqueur, Irish cream, and whipped cream on top. I didn’t realize it was a hot drink when I ordered it (the whipped cream should have tipped me off there), but I ended up enjoying the warmth despite our hot summer
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27 January, 2010

Mexican Creamsicle @ My Place

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2 shots Two Fingers Gold Tequila 0.5 shot Feeney’s Irish Cream Liquor 4-second pour of Hershey’s Nonfat Chocolate Syrup 4 shots orange juice, heavy pulp  ‘cos that’s how I roll Sprinkle of cinnamon Shake the first four ingredients and pour over crushed ice. Sprinkle cinnamon on top. This cocktail, by all rights, should not be
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