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14 March, 2017

Left Coast Cellars Wines

Left Coast Cellars Wines
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Obligatory disclaimer: Left Coast Cellars provided these wines for my review for free. My experience with Left Coast Cellars (website here) is not a long one…but it has certainly been a fruitful one. And I didn’t even intend that to be a wine pun. Ivy Hover is Left Coast’s marketing director, an A+ person, and my
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2 February, 2011

Lazy Bones Cabernet Franc 2009

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Lazy Bones Cabernet Franc 2009 Paso Robles, CA This wine has quite the backstory, from the crazy label (is that art deco?) of a naked woman hanging out on her bed to the explanation of why on the back of the bottle. Lazy Bones, you see, is for those lazy days when all you want
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1 April, 2010

La Granja 360 Tempranillo 2008—Wine Review

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La Granja 360 Tempranillo 2008 Carinena, Spain My first impression on drinking: This is not a great wine. Both the nose and first sip were of wet cigarettes. But other flavors worked their way in slowly, some tart raspberry, earth, leaves, and then clove, lots of clove. By the end, a layer of dark chocolate
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17 March, 2010

Ravenswood Zen of Zin 2007—Wine Review

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Ravenswood Zen of Zin 2007 Sonoma County, CA The nose of this old vine Zinfandel is really nice and earthy. I could sit and smell it for a while. Of course, I wouldn’t get much drinking done then, would I? It is thin-bodied for a zinfandel. Tastes oaky, with rich plum and leather. There are
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