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1 April, 2010

La Granja 360 Tempranillo 2008—Wine Review

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La Granja 360 Tempranillo 2008
Carinena, Spain

My first impression on drinking: This is not a great wine. Both the nose and first sip were of wet cigarettes. But other flavors worked their way in slowly, some tart raspberry, earth, leaves, and then clove, lots of clove. By the end, a layer of dark chocolate had also appeared.  The flavors, and my impression of the wine, mellowed from that first sip.

So, a rough beginning but a smooth ending.

2 stars

2 stars

Other Bloggers’ Thoughts:

Your Wine Pick

  • Color–Purple/Red
  • Nose–A little funky, Red berries,
  • Body–Medium
  • Taste–Light tannins, Raspberry, Plum, Little dry

Trader Joe’s Wine Compendium

Reviewing the bottom of the bottle after having it been open and VacuVin sealed for a couple days reveals the following: A great deep ruby color (which is not at all showcased by my backlight heavy picture). Earthy nose with a solid dose of black licorice. Dry and slightly tannic on the tongue. Faint taste of stale cinnamon and cocoa, but in a good way. A definite bargain that I’ll be buying again soon. thumbs up—76

Jason’s Wine Blog

On opening, this one was super tight with the acid notes overpowering all else so back went on the cap. I tried it again the following night, what an improvement . . . On the palate you are greeted with juicy berry/cherry flavors that are met with a dry, herbal component towards the middle that integrates nicely. The finish coats the mouth dry cherry fruits that don’t necessarily last, they just stay. Literally. It leaves you smacking your tongue until you decide to wash them away. I mentioned early most bottles from this imported leave me wondering if the next bottle can be any better, I’m just hoping this one is as good as my first experience as it has the potential to be my favorite Spanish red in recent memory from Trader Joe’s . . . be sure to give this one some time (perhaps even overnight) if it starts off wound up a little too tight.

Reviewed 3.22.10.


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