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17 March, 2010

Ravenswood Zen of Zin 2007—Wine Review

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Ravenswood Zen of Zin 2007
Sonoma County, CA

The nose of this old vine Zinfandel is really nice and earthy. I could sit and smell it for a while. Of course, I wouldn’t get much drinking done then, would I?

It is thin-bodied for a zinfandel. Tastes oaky, with rich plum and leather. There are passing notes of pepper and raspberry also. Sounds like a good mix of notes, but honestly, they didn’t mix together that well. I still drained my share, but a subtler, smoother blend would have been better.

2 stars

2 stars

Other Bloggers’ Thoughts:

Tastings by Gary and Allison

The 2007 is still very good, but it definitely shows that it is younger.  There is more fruit and less spice than in the 2006.  It is also a bit more full-bodied than before but I would still call this medium-bodied overall.

Wine Witch

If you have never tired a red Zin this one is a great introduction.  It is a true expression of what the varietal should be at a great price.

The 2007 Zen of Zin is deeply colored with aromas of raspberry, vanilla, and smoke.  It has that jammy, juicy quality that I just love in a Zin while still retaining a softness.  The oak notes are sensible with layers of flavor.  First there is black fruit with a deep chocolate note.  It then morphs into mellow leather with a touch of cinnamon.  Altogether just a fun, fun wine.

A Good Time with Wine on the 2006 vintage

It had a very dark nose, with a good bit of spice on it. The scent of chocolate-covered raspberries came through, and it was interesting. The palate was smooth, but really doesn’t bring a lot. The Zen of Zins had no discerning flavors, and did have that soapy mouth feel that makes you want to wash it out. It was light in the mouth, had no spice that the bouquet held, and while it “complimented” the goat cheese torta, it really didn’t do much in terms of flavor.  I’d say this would be a decent table wine, pleasant but pedestrian.

Reviewed 3.6.10.


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