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30 December, 2011

Golden Era @ Foundation

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Golden Era Foundation Downtown Raleigh Website $10   Foundation has another wonderful cocktail to add to its list with the Golden Era. Bourbon has been my spirit of choice for the past year or so, but recently, it’s been a bit too harsh for my palate. So I’ve gone back to my first love, rum.
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10 January, 2011

The Old Ceremony @ Motorco

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The Old Ceremony Motorco Central Park District, Durham $6 As you can see, I’m not talking the band here, which I happen to love, but the shooter named after them by Motorco. The first time I went to Motorco, I thought naming shots—there’s no cocktail list here, just fancy shots—after local bands was a fun
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13 August, 2010

Green Chartreuse, a sipping.

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My lovely friend, Laura, paid close attention to my status updates and decided to buy me a bottle of green chartreuse, a liqueur I’ve been intrigued about for years but never had the chance to purchase. She found it in NYC and voila! A long-time wish is fulfilled. Green chartreuse is a blend of 130
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