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26 April, 2013

Trader Joe’s Grande Reserve Carneros Pinot Noir 2011

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Trader Joe’s Grande Reserve Carneros Pinot Noir 2011
Napa, California

trader joes reserve carneros

I tasted this wine before purchasing it at Trader Joe’s, and I’m glad the sample convinced me to get a bottle. Its rich, medium-bodied boysenberry digs into me and won’t let go. The nose has a fleeting burst of fig newton, but is otherwise lackluster. That’s fine because the wine’s taste more than makes up for it. It’s sweet and tart in complementary proportions. Cocoa gives it depth, though that may be the chocolate-dipped apple I just ate. The texture is velvety smooth. Its tartness reminds me of aloe vera, and it’s just enough to give the wine some verve.

I will call this a gateway wine, one with no dryness so the uninitiated will think only of those bright boysenberries and how delicious it is. Could it be more complex? Of course, but I’m smiling as I drink it.


Other Bloggers’ Thoughts:

The Vino Duo

I was surprisingly impressed with this smooth red. The nose was light as expected, consisting mostly of berries and some oak. The value of this bottle is truly in the rich, fruity flavor. The medium body featured no spice and was velvety and enjoyable. The soft, buttery finish was a perfect complement and made for a great bottle. . . . This bottle has a complex and elegant taste with fruit forward notes of cherry and blackberry. The perfect tannins and nice medium legs round out this bottle as a great buy!

Christine Ashworth on the 2010 vintage

I liked this wine. . . . It’s fruity, juicy, easy to drink yet holds up to food very well. My guess is this one will attain Slut status once it’s a little bit older. My Rating: Very Drinkable. And even though it’s over $10, I’ll buy it again!

TJ’s Wine Community on the 2010 vintage

A really spectacular Pinot Noir in my opinion. It is strong in the berry flavors and bright notes peculiar to PN, well balanced in acidity and sugars, this wine also carries a weight and full mouthfeel that may remind you of a traditionally bigger grape like a Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Zinfandel, or Grenache.

Reviewed 29 Jan 13.

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