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28 December, 2010

Karen “Coy” Sake

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Karen “Coy” Junmai Sake
Niigata, Japan

Note: In no way, shape, or form are those quote marks of my generation.

The rose-colored bottle is very pretty, which counts for automatic bonus points—I’m not afraid to admit it. As the bottle description says, it smells like lychee, with a bit of cream in the nose, too. It tastes very nice and very smooth. Creamy and floral, but it’s a sweet, gentle floral. Peach, lychee, cantaloupe: all of the above describe it well for me. It’s quite good.

Or rather, it was. I was going for my top rating, but a few more sips made me change my mind. The sweetness took on a sucralose flavor; I hate chemical sweeteners because I hate that taste. Soon, all I could taste was that flavor except for some peach that pulled through it. I doubt there are any sweeteners added to the sake, but that’s still what came out most strongly for me. Based on an exceptional start that become a less than satisfactory finish, this one garners a

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Very sweet, this sake is great before a meal. Its higher acidity keeps the sweetness from being too much.

Chief Wino

Fragrant lychee, apple and strawberry notes, clean, crisp, slightly sweet.

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