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22 September, 2011

Pinot Evil Pinot Noir Dry Sparkling Rosé

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Pinot Evil Pinot Noir Dry Sparkling Rosé

[insert photo lost during last week’s hard drive failure. Le sigh]

For a dry rosé, this is pretty darn sweet, or rather, it’s a nice blend of sweet and dry.  The flavor is strawberry galore and mostly makes me think of strawberry frozen yogurt. In fact, its dryness gives it that slight tang you expect from frozen yogurt.

Frozen dessert dreams aside, there’s not much else going on in this glass. Choose it for a simple refresher without much body or depth.

Other Bloggers’ Thoughts

Zilch. Plenty of reviews on their regular pinot noir but not on the sparkling rosé version.

Reviewed 9.2.11.


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