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21 September, 2011

Cinco Joses Old Vines Grenache 2008

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Cinco Joses Old Vines Grenache 2008
Campo de Borga, Spain

[insert picture that I lost in my hard drive failure here. Le sigh.]

Do yourself a favor and do NOT read the horrible explanation of who each Joe is on the label. It’s ten seconds I really need back in my life, including an extra five for pondering if Joe the Plumber has anything to do with the 2008 presidential election campaign.

This smells like a jammy wine, full of bright red raspberry. It’s young, pretty thin-bodied, and rather tasty with that bold raspberry upfront, followed quickly by mocha. There’s a hint of spice as a final note, but I can’t pin it down—something like cinnamon but milder.

Maybe this could grow into a spectacular wine, but for now, it just holds promise.

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Columbia Wine Blog

This is a lovely example of garnacha with flavors of dried cherry and raspberry with some nice herbal notes and a hint of white pepper.

Reviewed 29 Aug 11.

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