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24 August, 2011

Vouvray Brut Le Bouchet

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Vouvray Brut Le Bouchet Loire Valley, France This sparkling wine (someday, I’m going to buck tradition and just start calling them all champagne, but that day is not today) is made from 100% chenin blanc grapes. It’s light in texture and full of tight bubbles. Sweetness is rampant among the kiwi, grapefruit, and almond notes.
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28 October, 2010

Kiwi + Strawberry Caipiroska @ Piola

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Kiwi + Strawberry Caipiroska Piola Chapel Hill Website $7 This very pretty drink has the perfect ratio of alcohol to sweetness. The freshly muddled kiwi and strawberry add much to the good quality of the vodka, and the taste is clean and full of tasty bites of pulp. Definitely worth a drink! My only complaint
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28 July, 2010

Momokawa Pearl Sake

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Momokawa Pearl Sake Junmai Ginjo Nigori Genshu Oregon This sake is nigori, so it’s unfiltered, and I’m happy to report that it doesn’t taste like sour milk like the Snow Maiden nigori sake did. Instead, it’s got a delicious creamy flavor of banana, breadfruit, and a bit of kiwi. There’s a strong floral element also,
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28 May, 2010

LA Kiwi @ W XYZ Lounge (Chapel Hill)

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LA Kiwi W XYZ Lounge, Aloft Hotel Chapel Hill Since this was my first time at the W XYZ Lounge, I thought I’d share a little about the atmosphere of the spot before diving into my cocktail review. The W XYZ Lounge is the main floor of the new Aloft hotel in the East Highway
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21 April, 2010

Kiuchi Yuzu Wine—Wine Review

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Kiuchi Yuzu Wine Japan Yuzu is a citrus fruit native to Japan. I’ve never tried yuzu wine before, or even yuzu for that matter, so this glass will be my first impressions of both. The color is a pleasant gold with some peach highlights. The nose is strong, sweet, and reminds me of peach again.
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