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24 August, 2011

Vouvray Brut Le Bouchet

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Vouvray Brut Le Bouchet
Loire Valley, France

This sparkling wine (someday, I’m going to buck tradition and just start calling them all champagne, but that day is not today) is made from 100% chenin blanc grapes. It’s light in texture and full of tight bubbles. Sweetness is rampant among the kiwi, grapefruit, and almond notes.

For a delicate sparkling wine, you could do a lot worse than le Bouchet.

Reviewed 8.12.11.

Other Bloggers’ Thoughts

Couldn’t find any because I’m pretty sure this isn’t a Francois Chidaine wine, who appears to be a fancypants winemaker in the Loire Valley, and his wines were the only ones showing up in my search for Vouvray Brut Le Bouchet. I did learn that le Bouchet is the name of the vineyard, though. And I had thought the French were getting creative with their wine names for a minute. Silly me.


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