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20 September, 2014

Sonoma Valley Portworks Petite Sirah Port 2007

Sonoma Valley Portworks Petite Sirah Port 2007
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Sonoma Valley Portworks Petite Sirah Port 2007 Clarksburg, CA During my trip last spring to Petaluma, I picked up this bottle of port in a surge of jubilation that I had found a winery specializing in dessert wines (613 2nd Street in the Foundry Wharf building). Plenty of wineries offer one or a handful of
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20 April, 2011

Starrlight Meadery Traditional Off-Dry

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Starrlight Meadery Traditional Off-Dry North Carolina     Mr. Gourmez’s first, and only, thought on this honey wine from Starrlight Meadery in Pittsboro, was “popsicles.” I would disagree. It smelled like green apples and tasted, unsurprisingly, of honey and flowers. This is a dry mead, so it wasn’t nearly as sweet as I’d expect from
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4 February, 2011

Benjamin Prichard’s Sweet Lucy

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Benjamin Prichard’s Sweet Lucy Bourbon-based liquor Kelso, TN This liquor smells like Wild Turkey American Honey liquor, another bourbon-based one. That’s a rather good sign as I love that stuff. The color is rosy amber. It tastes like some sort of ice cream that I can’t put my finger on, or rather, it tastes like
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30 August, 2010

Yellow Jersey Sauvignon Blanc 2007

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Yellow Jersey Sauvignon Blanc 2007 Burgundy, France A plastic bottle of wine!? What is this world coming to? Eh, I’m trying to work up wino rage, but I just don’t care that this is in a plastic bottle. The fact that it’s quite good probably helps with that. There’s no nose to speak of. The
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16 March, 2010

Beyu Express (Beyu Caffee, Durham)—Cocktail Review

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Beyu Express Beyu Caffee, Downtown Durham Website $6.75 My picture does not do this drink justice. It’s a martini made with chilled espresso, butterscotch, coffee and chocolate liquors, and milk. Fantastic, a perfect blend of flavors. The butterscotch was used sparingly, providing only an occasional hint of its presence, while the espresso was top notch,
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