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30 August, 2010

Yellow Jersey Sauvignon Blanc 2007

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Yellow Jersey Sauvignon Blanc 2007
Burgundy, France

A plastic bottle of wine!? What is this world coming to? Eh, I’m trying to work up wino rage, but I just don’t care that this is in a plastic bottle. The fact that it’s quite good probably helps with that.

There’s no nose to speak of. The taste is mineral and bright with lime and lemon notes. There’s fruit, but it’s minimal, perhaps some honeydew and lychee. It’s a thin-bodied wine. I like the hint of butterscotch running through it, but mostly, I like white wines that have that minerality as their main component.

3 stars

3 stars

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Under the Grape Tree

Citrus, nectarine and tropical notes pervade in this well-built wine. Great acidity helps seal the enological deal, while green packaging helps seal the environmental deal.

Reviewed 8.15.10.

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